How is It?

 No, seriously, I mean, is this really where we're at?  I read and watch the news most days, and I can be naive and simple, but what the fuck?  

A friend and I were catching up the other day, and she was telling me about a vacant commercial property she shared ownership of that'd been sitting on the market pretty much since the first days of the pandemic.  She mentioned that they finally leased it with the option to buy, and the one clause the lessee wanted added was that, in the event of war they could be released from the contract.  Just words, sure, meant to cover their asses, but frightening nonetheless.  

No doubt, we're all aware of the headlines from half a world away, and given the past behavior of those responsible for said headlines, times most certainly are causing stress and feelings of dis-ease, but really?  I know I don't have that mature content warning on this blog, but what the fuck?!   How is it that we've come to this?  

For that matter, how is it that this country even allowed and approved of the previous administration?  How is it that so many are being gaslighted still?  And the bold, blatant lies- don't even get me started.  How is it that so many in high positions think what's been happening is okay?  

I'm leaning a little more political than I intended, so I'll lay off.  Are we all just becoming so numb to the daily horseshit circus?


  1. Lemme tell you, I think large portions of the population has gone completely Mad! I think this is the Zombie Apocalypse spoken of, only it happened in a different way than the Hollywood Movies of Ghouls, now it's ordinary LOOKING people acting Brain Dead and doing/saying things that are Mind Blowing! WWIII has already begun, Madmen with absolute Power are insatiable, especially once Old and have nothing personally to lose now if they took the whole World with them over the edge and into the abyss. We toyed with what an Authoritarian bent Leader was like, Russia has had to endure theirs for Generations... they're predictably loose canons, every single Sociopathic and Psychopathic one of them. The fact the American one was in a deep Bromance with the others should concern us, they have their Sycophants and devoted Cult Followers, and once indoctrinated into extremist thinking, there's no redemption for those Lost Souls/Minds... they have become the American Zombies and are not compatible with the rest of us. Sadly, there is no more unity and we're not a 'United' States of America anymore... and too many people are going with the flow and only Dead Fish do that in a strong current environment.

  2. Who would sign a contract with an "in the event of war" clause? It's in reference to Russia-Ukraine, but we're always at war in a bunch of places. And how is "war" defined? Sorry, I'm going off in a different direction. It circles back to a stupid, greedy, scary world, though. Right? Sigh. Take good care and hang in there.

  3. I think a lot of people feel the same way you do though.

  4. The world is all upside down in all ways.


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