Honesty vs. Positivity

I wrote an op-ed for a small newspaper recently, a blunt assessment of an ongoing local issue that affects everyone and has the potential to cause harm to innocent people and animals.  Not expecting anything to change, my intention was simply to get my thoughts off my chest.  My first submission, which included a few words like "moron", "cretin" and "idiot" (what can I say- it was my opinion, and I was fuming), may have been a little rough around the edges, but the editor helped me pare it down and clean it up so it could be published.  I was fine with that, but he'd also said something that hasn't been sitting well with me since then.  After reading my first draft he'd emailed me that he was the editor of a "positive" paper, and only accepted such pieces for publication.  Opinions are, well, personal opinions.  I understand some of my word choices may have been a little crass and I was fine with making those changes, but this whole "positive" thing has had my undies in a bunch.  Sure, as the editor it's his right to accept or not accept, but I feel as though one cannot be honest in their opinion if they want to submit, well, their opinion.  Yes, I know that in these times, especially, positive is a good thing, but honesty should come first, and if you have to be careful not to let your honesty be a downer then are you really being honest?

Just my thoughts.  Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Opinions aren't always positive. Sometimes you need a negative opinion to get you to think.

  2. My jury is out on whether positive thoughts cause positive change. Sometimes I think they are a shield to avoid facing issues.
    Positive actions are a very different matter. I am glad that the editor was ready to work with you though.

  3. That's kinda crazy. I guess this editor doesn't want real opinions, just flowery positive ones.

  4. I'm surprised an editor would write that to you. I think it's important for newspapers to present opinions of all kinds. Perhaps the editor needed to edit his/her response to you to clarify it. Maybe the words "cretin" "idiot" and "moron" could have just been changed to Republican and then the negative words would merely be implied by context. That seems more positive, doesn't it? LOL!

  5. I try to always stay positive on my blog, but, like you, sometimes something gets me so upset, I want to get it off my chest. And of course, my blog suffers for it, especially if it's political. I can see some of the words you used may have been a bit over the top, but to me, this editor is setting up censorship, which is far worse than negative opinions. At least you were able to share this with your readers without fear of censorship or recrimination. Have a lovely Labor Day tomorrow.

  6. Sometimes what is going on is Negative and just pretending to be Positive about that in order to be allowed an Opinion is ridiculous. Yes, we all love a Positive but Life isn't just filled with Positive things and how they expect nobody to be Negative about Negative things and express an Honest Opinion, well, I just don't know. Even with Blogging, I can't always have it be Buttercups, Rainbows and Unicorn Farts if I want to keep it 100% with my Dear Readers... so I do Wonder about this publication you speak of... they're obviously not Keeping It Real with their Readers if they will only publish what they deem Positive and pretend that is always the way an Opinion should be expressed.

    1. Thanks to you all. I'm glad to see that overall I'm not alone in my feelings on this. And Robin, you're a hoot!


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